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E&I University

E&I University [part 1 of 3]
By: Stormbringer (

E&I University Year one, First semester Copyright 2005 by Stormbringer

Guten tag and hello. My name is Vicca and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I would very much like to attend your university in America. It is my dream to become a professional dancer.

"Please enjoy this slideshow of my life." Vicca narrated her pictures. "This is my family, my father Heinrich, Ursula my mother, und mein brother Otto. This is my dog, Mikhail. You can guess which dancer he is named after. This is me in costume performing a traditional German folk dance. I also enjoy traveling. This is me skiing in Switzerland. This is me in the Greek islands with my boyfriend Joachim."

Vicca wasn't certain if showing the picture of herself in a tiny bikini on a beach in Greece was appropriate for a college application, but, as it turned out, it ensured her a place in the fall semester at Long Island University.


Dr. Jubal Mfune, the new Dean of Long Island University relaxed in his office reviewing applications for the new school year. LIU had been failing and about to close it's doors when a generous grant from King Enterprises had saved the small art college. Solomon King's conditions were simple. First, Jubal would become the new Dean. Second, the current school board would resign. The state of New York also matched King's grant as it had a vested interest in keeping the school open. After the initial grant, the state would have nothing to do with keeping the school running. The college would essentially be independant.

Solomon King had become famous in New York over the last ten years. He was well known as a philanthropist and had been on the cover of Time magazine. King ran a rehabilitation house for newly released prisoners and troubled teens. Criminals who had gone through his rehabilitation program had an 83% chance of staying out of prison. No one seemed to notice that the 17% of criminals who ended up back in jail were almost always white.

The government was thrilled to see dozens of rehabilitated African Americans and state funding was increased. In the future, the numbers would go from dozens to hundreds of excons seeking rehab. King believed in discipline and physical fitness. His graduates were all fit and muscular men, but they were still mostly undereducated. That is where Long Island University fit in.

Jubal looked up at his television when he heard Sharpspeare's name mentiioned. The polemic reverend was currently being considered for enhancement. The anchorman continued, "The Governor announced today a new plan called edufare. Edufare is the brain child of the Reverend Al Sharpspeare seen here shaking hands with the governor. The state of New York will be paying college tuitions for rehabiitated former prisoners. The press conference was interupted by a lone protester."

"I don't want my daughter going to a college with criminals."

The governor paused. "This program is a new idea and a test. The former prisoners are mostly those with drug offenses not serious felons. I don't know how King does it, but his rehabilitation center has kept these offenders off drugs. An education is the next step in making them productive citizens."

"How come the money only goes to blacks? Isn't that discrimination?"

Reverend Sharpspeare jumped in before the microphone. "What you call discrimination, I call reparations and if something ain't done there will be recriminations. Amen!"

Jubal turned the television off and continued reviewing video tapes for the new students. Any woman the least bit attractive he added to the accepted pile. Most white males he simply discarded. The white men he accepted were mostly wimpy out-of-shape losers or obvious homosexuals of which there were many (it was an art school after all). Naive young college girls would find themselves surrounded by weak white men and powerful black men. It should be a massacre, thought Jubal. Especially with all the Xcite laced water coolers around the college. In a year or so, they would hook up Xcite dispensers to the main water supply and by then there would be more enhanced black students.

Long Island University was founded in the sixties by left wing radical types. They sought to create a school dedicated to the artistic pursuits. The main courses were originally music, dance, and art. In the seventies, drama and film were added. In the eighties, writing and modeling courses were offered. Now, in 2001, new classes were being added dealing with business and computer programming mostly for the newly enhanced black's benefit.

Jubal walked out onto his balcony and looked out over the small 30 acre college and home to 1300 students. He could see the school's athletic facility, the Kappa Gamma sororiety house, and the three main halls, King Hall, Garvey Hall, and Martin Luther King Jr Halls, East and West, all newly named.

The school merged with the surrounding town of Farmersville near Stony Harbor. The town was mostly old houses, many with rooms rented to students. There wasn't much to do in Farmersville. There were a few shops on mainstreet with two bars and there was the nearby Hampton-Harbor mall. There was also a school of nursing just off campus run by the Hampton-Harbor Hospital.

Solomon had called this project "both a training ground and a recruiting ground for new talent." This year, fifteen newly enhanced would learn how to run a small business, program computers, and make movies. Next year there would be many more. Naive young girls would find their acting classes were leading them into porn and their dance classes would teach them how to strip. Aspiring models would be hired by E&I Modeling.

Jubal couldn't wait for the official reopening of the college.

First Semester-

Vicca finished unpacking just as her door opened. "Hi, I'm Peg," said her new roommate coming into the room. Peg had arrived earlier and was already unpacked. Peg was an attractive, lithe brunette with long legs and straight brown hair falling past her shoulders. One ear peeked out from her hair.

"I'm Vicca."


"Yes, from Hamburg."

"Cool. I'm from next door, in Jersey. What's your major?"


Peg's eyes lit up. "Me too!" Peg came over and embraced Vicca. "I'm sure we're going to be great friends. I was so nervous I might get stuck with someone I didn't like."

"Me too," replied Vicca.

"Wanna go down to the Dean's office? They are about to hold a ribbon cutting."

"Let us go then."

"You're quite the looker," said Peg as they left. "You're going to be competition with the boys. This school is 67% female you know. Way too much estrogen."

"I have boyfriend back home, though we have agreed to see other people."

The two girls followed the crowd to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Vicca couldn't get close to the outdoor stage as it was surrounded by students and reporters. Even from her vantage point it was a strange sight. Four black men stood beside two white men. Three of the black men completely dwarfed the white men. The whites were the Governor of New York and the Mayor of Farmersville. Both men appeared uncomfortable. One by one the blacks gave a speech and she discovered who they were. First was Solomon King, the school's benefactor. Vicca sensed how relieved many of the third and fourth year students were to have their school saved. They applauded King with gusto. The second black man was her Dean, Jubal Mfune. He had a slight accent and she learned after reading his bio, that he was an emigree from the Sudan when he was young. The third black was Reginald Jordan, the lawyer who had helped save the school. The last was the Rev Al Sharpspeare, who occassionaly made the news even in Germany. He was the size of the white men, slightly chubby, with wavy black/gray hair and dressed in a ridiculous mauve jumpsuit with a gold necklace.

The ribbon was cut and there was a smattering of applause.

One of the reporters shouted out, "Governor, is it true that this college is a testing ground of the new Edufare program? Is that the connection with Solomon King"

The governor rolled his eyes. "I'm not at liberty to say. The whereabouts of the Edufare students is a matter of privacy. No more questions."

The crowd broke u. Vicca and Peg left to scout out their new college. Near the athletic facility the girls passed six huge black youths playing basketball. They were tall and muscular like King, Sharpspeare, and the Dean. Many had their shirts off, their black skin glistening from sweat. Several white girls were in the stands watching the game. Peg stared at the blacks and frowned.

The girls passed several sororiety and fraternity houses, but had no interest in joining them. Vicca was here to learn how to dance and someday hoped to dance on broadway.


Vicca and Peg left their first class which was on modern dance. Both had enjoyed it and were pleased. They barely noticed the blacks until one whistled. Vicca frowned, but waved at him. They was passing the basketball courts again and it was one of the players. Other players were also checking both girls out. A dozen or so white girls were in the stands watching the game.

Vicca was used to male attention. She had long brown hair and dark eyes. Her figure was amazing with large, full breasts, yet a lean, fit figure, and long dancer's legs. It was a hot Indian summer and she had worn a short skirt and flowered tank top. Generally, she liked male attention, but it had never come from giant black men before. Peg stared back at the black boys as Vicca kept walking

They hurried to her ballet class. The professor teaching ballet was a pretty woman. She looked like a ballerina with her hair up in a roll and her thin body. Professor Denise Fitzgerald passed out a little box to each student. Vicca opened hers. Inside was a strap with a large ball attached to the inside. "Class, you will not be graded on this. However, each student will be expected to practice with the ball gag until they can hold it in their mouths for more then thirty minutes without gagging. This will help strengthen the lungs and enhance your ability to breath through your nose."

"You know what else it will help with?" whispered Peg sitting behind Vicca.

Another girl named Lucy responded, "Fuck that. As horny as I've been, doing that would be a waste of my time."

"Unless he does you back." Both girls giggled.

Back at their dorm, Vicca tried the ball gag on. The ball was the size of a golfball. She quickly gagged and was forced to pull it out. When she opened her eyes, Peg had her mouth stuffed and her eyes were closed in concentration. Peg held out for several minutes before gagging.


Vicca found herself staring at a wide masculine chest. She looked up into Dean Mfune's black face. Professor Fitzgerald had asked Vicca and Peg to stop by her office and Vicca had nearly been bowled over by the Dean as he left the professor's office. Peg had bumped into Vicca's back. Vica stepped out of the way and the Dean continued on. "Vicca, Peg, please come in," called Denise Fitzgerald from inside.

"You wanted to see us, Professor?"

"Take a seat. Like some water?"

"Yes, please." Vicca watched her professor pour a glass of water from a water cooler and hand it to her, then to Peg. The young German girl observed her teacher. The professor's cheeks were flushed and puffy. "You feeling all right, Professor?"

"I've never felt better."

Denise leaned back and Vicca couldn't help noticing her teacher's nipples were erect and prominent through her blouse. "You wanted to see us?"

"Yes, Vicca. I wanted to express to you what a pleasure it has been being your teacher this semester. You have the potential to be one of the best ballet dancers I've ever taught, despite your figure."

Vicca's breasts were larger then your typical waifish ballet dancer. "Why, thank you, professor. Thank you very much."

"Thank you, Vicca. Peg, that goes the same for you. You're a natural at ballet. I hear you are doing well in your other dance classes too. As for both of you, I'd like to see you broaden your range a bit. You haven't signed up for any electives."

"I didn't see any that interested me." In truth, Vicca had found the electives somewhat strange.

"Me neither." Peg concurred on the classes.

"That's fine, but one of the school's benefactors has provided us with scholarships for two of the electives per semester. I'm authorized to select a promising student to give this scholarship to and I'd like it to be shared by you two."

"I'm honored, professor." Peg blushed with pleasure and downed her cup of water.

"Then you accept?"

"I do."

"Wonderful. And you Vicca?"

"I don't see why not. Extra credit can not hurt."

"Great. Here's a list. Sign up for your first electives before the break."

"I'll do that, professor." Vicca stood and finished her little cup of water. Peg stood up beside her.

Vicca left the office reading through the list of electives. They were strange with classes like, African tribal dancing 101, the history and art of the strip tease, and modern exotic dancing. Vicca's eyes fell on one titled Moroccan belly dancing. That didn't sound so unusual and might even be interesting. She'd sign up for that one. "Belly dancing, I think."

"Cool, that sounds kinda sweet actually. Men love that shit. I think I'll do that class too."

"Good." Vicca looked up from the list as she tried to negotiate around the crowd surrounding the black basketball players. They didn't play so much now since it was colder, but they always attracted a crowd. Some of the female's watching even had favorites among the players, cheering them on.

Vicca watched for a moment. Her eyes fell on one bare muscular torso and despite his black skin, he looked sexy as anything she'd ever seen. She felt her nipples growing sore as they poked into her bra. Damn, she was getting randy again. She seemed to always leave a meeting with her professor horny and aroused.

For the first time, Vicca let her eyes wander down one of the black stud's torso. He was wearing sweat pants. What looked like a thick fat sausge flopped around between his legs underneath his sweatpants. Vicca felt her panties grow damp. She shook her head to clear it and checked the crotches of the other blacks. They all had thick sausages between their legs, the ends reaching halfway to their knees. Some were even pressing hard against the fabric of their sweats as if trying to rise.

"Do you see what I see?" Peg was staing mouth agape at the black men.

"Hard to miss, no?"

"Now that's a man, all of them. Shame they're black. They sure got what I need."


"Can't help it girlfriend, I'm horny and now that I'm away from my parents I might try me some dark meat."

Vicca noticed Peg's nipples were as erect as her own. Peg's breasts fit her frame, Bcups, but with long nipples on pointy, conical breasts. Vicca's Germanic heritage had given her much larger breasts. Like the rest of her family, Vicca would grow into them, but for now, she was a top-heavy, thinly framed male fantasy girl.

"I need to get me some dick soon."

Vicca found Peg crude at times, but couldn't help agreeing. These horny spells came over her from time to time and lasted days. Soon, she would be home and Joachim could see to her needs.

"Would you ever fuck a black man?"

"I don't wish to mix the blood of the German master race with those of inferior races." Vicca's mouth broke into a wide grin at Peg's look of horror. "Just kidding." Both girls laughed. "Seriously, I wouldn't have a problem with skin color. I only fuck men I know and care about though."

"Casual sex can satisfy certain needs." Peg sighed. She had hooked up for several one night stands over the semester. Peg rarely had repeat dates. Vicca felt that her friend put out to soon, but Peg seemed a lot hornier then herself. "As for black men," Peg continued, "I might, but daddy would kill me."

"Lets go see if the scores of our finals have been posted.

That night Vicca and Peg hit one of the bars in Farmersville to celebrate the end of their first semester. The bar was crowded. Vicca and Peg worked their way through the crowd to meet up with some of their classmates. "You know the term lame duck? Well Steve should be called a lame dick. Hey V, Hey Peg. I was just telling Cindy what a wimp loser Steve turned out to be."

Vicca looked at Lucy. "I thought he rocked your world?"

"He did the first time. The next date, he couldn't even get it up. I swear his penis even looked shriveled up."

"Poor guy," said Peg.

"Poor guy my ass. I was ready to fuck all night I was so horny.

"There are some lame ass dudes in this school," said Cindy. "It's bad enough there's so few men in this school to begin with. I need a real man." Cindy nearly shouted the last statement

"Mine is taken." The hot blonde laughed as she walked by.

The four dance majors watched her pass. On her arm was one of the giant black men.


Vicca and Peg helped keep each other from falling as they stumbled their way back to their dorms. "I'm surprised you didn't go home with anyone?"

Peg's sigh turned into a hiccough. "I tried to catch Kyle's eye, but it didn't work. How about you, still faithful?"

"I'm about ready to jump a stranger. Hopefully Joachim will take care of me in a few days."

The two girls entered their room. Vicca pulled her top of and pulled her jeans down over her hips. Peg watched her. Vicca's hand fumbled behind her for the bra clasp. "Let me help you," said Peg unhooking Vicca's bra.

"Thanksh, haven't been this drunk for awhile."

"Here, lie down." Peg pulled back the covers on Vicca's bed and helped Vicca down. The German girl was now clad only in her panities. Peg was wearing her bra and panties also. They were sexy Hidden Closet lingerie. Peg called them her fuck me underwear. She only wore them when she planned on hooking up "Want me to take your panties off?"

"Not necessary. Leave them on."

"You sure," said Peg reaching down between Vicca's legs.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Vicca's body jumped a little as Peg's fingers pressed into Vicca's wet panties.

"Your as wet as I am." Peg worked her finger underneath the panty and slid the tip along Vicca's wet slit.

"Peg!" Vicca couldn't help herself. She raised her hips up into Peg's probing finger and half the digit slid into her pussy.

"Relax this is college. We're supposed to experiment. We can help each other out." Peg reached out for Vicca's arm and grabbed it. She brought Vicca's hand up between her legs. Vicca pressed her fingers into Peg's crotch. The American girl was indeed as wet as Vicca was. Vicca pushed her finger against the cotton fabric.

"Oh that feels good," moaned Peg.

"Yes!" agreed Vicca as Peg's finger probed deeper. She didn't know what she was doing, but it felt too good to quit. She was horny now. She couldn't wait for Joachim.

Peg pulled her finger out long enough to jerk Vicca's panties off and Peg used the oportunity to step out of her own. She joined Vicca on the bed lying beside the buxom German girl. "Your pussy's very hairy," said Peg staring into Vicca's big brown eyes. As she stared, her hand slid down over Vicca's bush. She reiniserted her finger and bent over to clamp her lips down on one of Vicca's long puffy nipples.

"Oh god, Yes, Ja Ja." Vicca lost it. She humped Peg's finger as she orgasmed. Her orgasm was as good as any Joachim had given her.

"Now do me," said Peg pulling her finger out.

Vicca nodded. Her hand found it's way back to Peg's crotch. She twirled her fingertip around Peg's clit before inserting her finger. "How's this?"

"Use two," whimpered Peg.

Vicca inserted two fingers and began pumping them in and out like she was fucking her roommate. She emulated Peg and leaned over to suck one of Peg's firm breasts.

"That's it. Faster. Harder. Hold your fingers in deep. Oh fuck yeah. I'm cumming." Peg almost giggled with delight as she got a little relief from her horniness.

Vicca acted like she was in a state of shock over what had just happened and collapsed beside her friend. Peg smiled and kissed her on the lips like it was the most natural thing in the world. "I'll be right back," said Peg getting up. "Keep my spot warm."

Vicca closed her eyes a moment and reopened them when she heard Peg return from the bathroom. "I'm not a lesbian," she said.

Peg laughed. "You know I'm not."

Vicca felt a little better. She noticed Peg carrying something. "What do you got there?"

"I figured we'd do something about that hairy pussy." Peg held up shaving cream, scissor, and a razor.

"I've never shaved down there!"

"I can tell. Now come here my hairy European friend. Let's give your boyfriend a nice surprise when you see him. Sit on the bed and lay back."

Vicca did as she was told. Peg kneeled between her legs. Peg pushed her long brown hair back over her ears to keep it out of her way. First she used the scissors, pressing the cold metal against Vicca's crotch. There was a "snip" and Vicca's hair started to fall away. Peg trimmed her entire pussy as close to the skin as she could get it. She applied the shaving cream directly on to Vicca's crotch. Peg got up to get a cup of water to rinse the razor. When she returned, she quickly started applying the razor.

Vicca laid back with her eyes closed. She was still drunk and the room was spinning. Cold air started carressing her crotch as the hair disappeared. She shivered.

"Cold?" Peg shaved the last little piece of hair from Vicca's pussy. "Here, I'll blow on it to warm it up."

The cold air turned warm as Peg blew across her freshly shaved crotch. Peg's breath was moving lower and Vicca shivered again. Her legs unconsciously opened wider as Peg blew directly against her labia. Vicca felt the air turn moist. Her eyes flew open as Peg's tongue entered her pussy. Vicca's mouth opened in protest, but instead a moan came out. The moan grew louder. turning into the biggest orgasm of the twentyfour year old's life.

Peg worked her tongue as deep as she could. She lapped like a madwoman, not wanting Vicca to have second thoughts. The American desperately wanted her own pussy eatten and the better job she did on Vicca, the more chance Vicca would do her. Peg lapped around Vicca's clit for a moment delighted that Vicca almost immediately came again. Vicca kept cumming as Peg inserted two fingers into the newly bare pussy while she sucked Vicca's clit between her lips. "Oh Joachim," groaned Vicca. That was fine with Peg. The whole time Vicca was finger fucking her, Peg was pretending she was with one of the hung black basketball players. It wasn't his finger he was using on her needy pussy either.

When Vicca came to her senses, Peg was working her jaw around. "How was that?" asked Peg.

"I'd be lying if I said it wasn't incredible."

"Good. Now it's your turn to shave me." Peg dropped the robe she'd put on to leave the room. She sat on her own bed.

Vicca knew what Peg meant by "shaving." She had no desire whatsoever to do what Peg had just done to her. Still, it had been the best sex of Vicca's life and she owed Peg for that. Peg's pussy didn't need trimming so Vicca went straight for the shaving cream. Peg was laying back with her eyes closed just as Vicca had. She almost laughed when a thought popped into her head. How many of the male students would be dying to watch this right now?


"Control yourself."

The young black monitor jumped as he was startled. At the same time cum shot over a foot up from his eleven inch cock. "Yes, sir." He grabbed an already cum-soaked paper towel and tried to clean up his fresh mess.

"I can see what's gotten into you," said the Dean leaning over his shoulder. "Ah, it's the German girl. This is live?"

"Yeah. My cock wants that German pussy something fierce. I watch her all the time."

"Good thing we put them in a wired dorm." Mfune had tried to put the most attractive girls into wired dorms. Vicca and Peg were two of the hottest. Unfortunatly, the sororiety girls were usually the hottest and none of their houses were wired yet.

"Wish we had sound and the quality were better."

"In a few years it will be. Then we also have Xcite dispensers hooked up directly into the water supply and not just the water coolers. The action will be non-stop then. Send this tape to the voyeurcom people."

Vicca had finished shaving the other girl now. Her mouth was hesitating inches from the girl's pussy. Apparently the girl was impatient. She grabbed Vicca's head and pulled it into her pussy. The German's head started moving between the other girl's legs.

Mfune watched the monitor's cock hardening again. He almost considered jerking off his own stiffening cock, but Denise the ballet professor was waiting for him in his room. She'd just dumped her husband and had come to the Dean crying. She'd forget about her husband once Mfune rejoined her.


Vicca snuck out of her room past a sleeping Peg. She didn't want to wake the contented looking girl nor did she know what she would say to her after last night. Vicca had slept contentedly too, but now she was as horny as ever.

Vicca stayed horny the entire flight home to Germany. Once back in Hamburg, she got in touch with Joachim as soon as she was able to break away from her family. He seemed delighted by her agressiveness and even more delighted by her shaved pussy. He carressed it like one would a newborn. Joachim thought he was the luckiest man in Germany when Vicca deep throated his penis. She never gagged once thanks to her breathing practice with the ball gag.

While home, Vicca forgot about LIU for a time. It had been one crazy semester. Vicca wondered what the second semester would bring.

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Eighteenth Birthday

Eighteenth Birthday
By: wifwat (

Eighteenth Birthday


It was Roni's (Veronica) 18th birthday. Bob, who was 39, took her to a rather seedy bar on the wrong side of town. As they entered, all eyes were on Roni. Especially with such a young ravishing beauty being with an older guy. She looked magnificent in her very short black mini dress and red high-heeled shoes. The dress was so short you could almost see her stocking tops. The bar had mostly black customers and mostly men at that.

They made their way to the bar and as Bob was being served Roni was standing to the side and behind him. There were a lot of other customers standing around the bar and a group of black men were right behind her. She felt a hand touch her bottom and as she didn't flinch or pull away, the hand got bolder and reached under her skirt and around her thigh to touch her cunt from the front. As the fingers found their target, she smiled to herself as she heard an audible moan. The man had discovered her secret, no panties and a shaved cunt and it had obviously startled and aroused him.

Just then Bob turned around with the drinks and they made their way to a table. When seated, Roni told Bob what had happened.

?Did you enjoy it, you lovely little cock teaser.'

?Oh yes! Especially when I heard him moan. You were right, having such power over men does turn me on. I can feel my juices starting to trickle out of me.' They looked over toward the bar and the group of black men were looking back at them. The guy with the wandering hand was obviously telling them about her bald cunt.

They went back to their drinks and chatted for a while when one of the black guys came over and asked Roni if she would care to dance. She asked Bob ?Is it Ok?' Bob just nodded and the guy took her hand and led her to a very dimly lit area that served as a dance floor. Bob, pretending not to be paying any attention to them, was straining his eyes to watch them in the gloom. The guy's friends weren't so discrete; they just made their way to the dance area and stood watching.

?What's your name sugar? Mines Bo.'

?Roni. Short for Veronica.' She replied.

?What you doin' with that old guy?' he asked.

?Hey! Your talking about the man I love.... And he's not old, he's only 39.'

?Well that seems old for you. How old you be anyway?'

?Today's my birthday, I'm 18 today.'

?Well you sure is some lovely white chic, whatever age you is.' And with that he slid his hand up her thigh under her skirt and found her naked bald cunt. ?Well Sal was right, no panties and a shaved snatch.' He inserted a finger into her smooth young cunt and with hardly any movement, Roni was moaning as her first orgasm shook her young body. She opened her eyes as she felt Bo pulling away from her. She saw that another guy was cutting in. She was being passed around and the mere thought of this caused her to orgasm again without being touched. They were using her then passing her around. It was her fantasy come true.

Seeing that they had a virtual nympho on their hands and that the man she was with wasn't interfering with them, they became bolder and instead of one guy pretending to be dancing with her, a group of them just surrounded her and to her delight she was manhandled. Hands were all over her lovely body, fingers up her cunt, hands and mouths on her firm small breasts. Her dress was pulled off and naked except for her shoes and stockings, she was led to the darkest corner and bent over a small table.

?Oh yes! This is what I want.' She moaned as she felt a big black dick touching her cunt lips and push its way inside her tight young body. ?Yes! Yes fuck me, use me.'

The men needed no coaxing, as soon as one shot her cunt full of his spunk, another took his place. Cock after cock shagged the sweet young girl until she had exhausted all 6 of them.

As though in a dream, she felt herself being pulled to a standing position. It was Bob, he pulled her dress back over her head and as best he could, tried to make her look presentable. People were staring at them as they left the bar; everyone knew what had happened, that the pretty young white slut had been gang banged.

As Bob laid her on the backseat of their car, Roni opened her eyes and smiling said. ?I need to cum, please lick me. I need it!' Bob got down between her legs and buried his face into her spunk filled young cunt and slurped away at it. Nibbling her shaved cunt lips, darting his tongue up inside her slimy stretched cunt.

?Suck my clit. Suck it! Suck harder, harder, harderrrrr.....' She came in a nerve-shattering climax. ?Oh Daddy, your the best pussy sucker in all the world. Take me home and fuck me, pleeeease.'

?You're just as much a slut as your mother ever was.' Replied her Daddy.

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Mall Sex goddess

Mall Sex goddess
By: Corey (

Mall Sex Goddess

She was sitting on a bench near the center of the mall and when our eyes met and lingered, there was a charge of electricity that ran through me, down my spine and out my cock.. Her eyes captivate me and as they moved from my face, down my body and then stopped at the rising bulge in my running shorts, I could feel my heart pumping through my swelling rod.

She was small, petite, beautiful with a smile that spoke of things to come.

She looked up into my eyes again and slowly swirled her fingers through her long blonde hair and spread her legs a bit , forcing my eyes between her legs where I saw her pussy, sparkling and blonde, beckoning me.

She stood up and walked to me, her breasts swaying, telling me there was no plastic surgery to make them look that good. and taking me by the hand, she drew me away from the crowds that mindlessly milled around us, missing what had just transpired. As we walked through the side section of the mall, toward the doors, she pressed tight against me, and they feel of her body was a sweetness I had missed over the last year or so since my wife left me. My heart was pounding inside me, so loud that I was afraid she would hear it.

We walked in silence as we made our way to my car and once in, she slipped the bottom of her short summer dress up over her hips so that I could see her pussy, her nakedness underneath Baby, I need to be really fucked today, she moaned quietly.

As I frantically pulled out of the garage onto the street, she leaned over and worked my hard cock out from under the bottom of my shorts and moaned as she grasped its thickness and stroked it. Her breasts were pressed against my thigh and electricity went through me again as sh.e leaned toward my raging hard on.

Pre-cum was already oozing out and her lips engulfed the bright red head as she sucked out cum from within my soul.. I reached over and worked my fingers into her wet cunt, and she moved, spreading her legs wide to accommodate my frantic fingers as they worked deeper into her slit, until only my thumb was outside her fire heated , juicy, wet box, working her hard clit.

I was on the freeway now heading for my condo just a few miles away, but her sucking was now a full throated explosion of high velocity sucking. Her head was bobbing up and down at a furious pace, her chin hitting my groin as she swallowed my fat 8 inches to the balls.

She cried out as she came , my fingers slipping into her cunt more deeply. As she thrashed around my hand, I tucked my thumb in against the palm of my hand and she cried out loudly, pulling off my cock and sitting upright as my hand slipped into her pussy and I felt her cunt lips gripping my wrist. She pushed down against my hand, grabbing the back of the seat and fucked my hand, screaming as she came again and again.

I somehow managed to press the garage door opener and slammed my car into the garage and pushed the button again to get the door down and stop the car.

I pulled her face to mine and we ground our lips together as we deep throated , our tongues racing inside, deep and searching. Now with my other hand not on the wheel of the car, I reached out and pulled her dress over her head and slipped her sports bra off her heaving breasts. She arched her back and moaned loudly as she came again, writhing on my deeply buried fuck hand and chewing away at my lips as she whimpered and cried with her orgasmic bliss.

Finally, she slowed down and lay her arms and head across the back of the passenger seat, my hand still impaling her sweet love hole, buried to the bend of my wrist.

We rested for a good 5 minutes until she could finally lift herself off my fuck-fist. She took my hand and licked at the cum juices that she had given to it and I pulled it away and licked them, too, looking into her burning eyes with a passion that came from still retaining a load of cum, in awe of this fuck crazy, beautiful slut girl I had just found at the Mall.

I stepped out of the car and stripped nude. She had opened the door to her side and I quickly went over and pulled her from the car, lifting her out and carried her into the house, through the living room and up the stairs to my bedroom. Her arms were wrapped around my e neck, and her breasts pressed against my chest..

As we reached the bed, I dropped her gently on the top, and removed her bra and stood over her, my cock at attention, rigid hard and full of my juices. Do me baby, do me good, she purred. I needed little encouragement.

I spread her legs and she opened up willingly to my touch as I laid between her thighs and pressed my mouth to her wet and fist fucked, swollen cunt. She rolled back and forth and moaned, her legs now over my shoulders, spread wide, opening up for my sucking as I buried my tongue in her wet pussy and sucked her clit, tasting the sweetness of her cum. She pushed down on my head forcing me deeper and then arched against me as she came, letting bubbles of cum flow in waves against my tongue.

I pulled off her, reluctant to let go of her fountain of juices knowing her cunt needed deep fucking, deeper than a tongue.

She looked up at me with a smile as I mounted her, my upper body leaning over her , shadowing her breasts, her pink nipples erect and hard. Her legs lay over my upper thighs and my cockhead was now half buried in the lips of her bubbling cunt. I moved forward and let my cock slowly slip into her wetness

She whispered, fuck me, please fuck me, and with that prompt, I shoved my thick cock into her belly with one lunge, all the way to the balls as she cried out with a joy I had never heard . I pulled back and shoved it home again and again and with each frantic lunge home, she grunted from the power of its thrust and cried out deeper, fuck me deeper, fuck me baby. I was in to the balls and ground it around, rotating my cock into the deepest parts of her belly and she was grinding wildly against me, panting and gasping and sobbing as we coupled.

I felt the juices she had been sucking out of my cock in the car resurface now, fighting me to get out. I tried to hold it back but began to fast fuck her, moaning and crying and gasping myself as the energy of these last dry months took over and with a final full body lunge into her depths, as she grunted loudly from the impact, I shot deep ropes of cum into her belly.

Over and over again, I rammed into her again and again as she gasped for breath, screaming that she was coming and as I filled her pussy with my hot burning cum, she pushed back against my thrusting, crying out and shaking from her violent orgasm.....her breasts were flattened out and flew from side to side and up and down her body as I pounded into her with a force that was beyond my own self..

Finally, I fell on top of her body and we lay there, my engorged cock still buried within her tight sleeve, pulsating with each pump of my heart...Her eyes were glazed and they had a far away look to them.

I wrapped my arms around her and rolled over onto my back, letting her small body rest on mine. We lay that way for some time, my hands caressing her back and ass and when I pulled her up a bit and brought my lips to hers, she finally stirred and gave me her tongue and crushed her lips against my mouth.

She lifted up her body to free her beautiful breasts and then was arching against me, my hands holding her tight by her titties, squeezing the bright pink nipples that were hard and erect like little cocks..

Now she was pushing down against my buried cock and moaning as she rolled back and forth, rocking her cunt against my groin, holding me by the hips and then she pulled up until my cock head was at the outer entry of her cuntlips. She smiled at me then and told me to hang on and quickly rammed down onto my cock, burying it to the balls again.

I lay there watching her fuck my cock, holding on to her tits as best I could as she went up and down like a pile driver, screaming out words I barely understood as she brutalized her pussy with some wild cock fight that had her swinging from side to side and back and forward as she slammed up and down my rigid cock. Her head flew from side to side as she fucked me, unaware of anything except her cunt and my cock.

Then as suddenly as she started, she fell back onto my chest and then shuddered all over her body as she squeezed my buried cock and gasped out an ohgodohgodohgod as she came again and again, digging trenches with her nails into my side..

She finally stopped convulsing and lay there for just a minute. Every few seconds, her whole body would spasm. She was in her own world, and I knew that I was there to give her what she wanted.

She finally looked up at me and whispered that she was so happy... and began to slide up and down my still hardened fuck pole... my balls were aching to unload and I was about to roll her over and give her another hard fuck when she slid up my body and slowly pulled off my cock, leaving it sit at her pussy lips. She reached down and got a hand full of cum and began lubing her ass... I smiled as it dawned on me that more was about to , er cum...

Baby, she whispered, fuck my ass, please baby fuck my ass for me, and then she reached back and positioned my cock head at that sweet back door and began to push back hard against it.... Push it in baby, give my ass your big cock, fuck me baby, shove it hard, push that fat cock into my ass, do it baby, give me a good ass fucking baby.

I grabbed her by the ass cheeks, spreading her little puckered hole open and arched into her. She ground down powerfully into my thrusts and my cock slipped in past the tightness of her opening with a loud pop and she cried out, yes, baby, yes, fuck my as, oh fuck my ass, fuck my ass baby, do it, hurt me with your cock and sat up on my pole, arching against it and shoved down with all her might.

I grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her down and arched my body, pushing up with all my might and my cock shot up her ass, cock head to balls and the slapping wet sound as our bodies came together was drowned out by her scream as my cock went deep inside her belly.

Now she was a wild woman again, using me as a fuck machine as she slammed it home again and again, with a burst of uncontrolled energy. Yes, fuck my ass, yes, baby give me cock, oh yes, oh yes. This went on for five minutes of nonstop frantic fucking

She stopped the pole vaulting for a moment, gasping for breath and rested, her ass on my body, my cock fully buried up her ass, rocking back and forth, moaning to herself in some other language, some other place, some world only she went to...her legs straddling my body, her knees up and keeping all her weight centered on my cock, rocking and sliding back and forth in a steady cadence. I knew it was time for me to move on to something else.

I lifted her right leg over my body so she was sitting on me sideways and rolled with her so she was on her back and I lay on my left side, with my cock imprisoned deep into her ass. She lay there quietly and let me do whatever it was I was doing...I then lifted her legs over mine and spread them wide, so that her pussy was open and available to my fingers..

I began to massage her clit and she moaned and pushed against my cock in a slow rhythmic motion, and I began to hump my hips into her....letting my cock stay deep but just enough movement to feel my cock head working against the deep walls of her back door love chute.

Now I had several fingers in her cunt and my thumb was working her clit and she was groaning and grabbing at my hand, fingering her pussy with me.. soon all four fingers were in with her fingers and she was going crazy again, rolling back and forth as I finger fucked her cunt and began to slam fuck her ass..

She was crying for more and had a death grip on my wrist, trying to jam my hand in and I smiled as I tucked my thumb against my palm and my hand slid into her gaping cunthole, She screamed as it sucked in my hand and she grabbed my wrist by both hands, leaning up as she fucked her cunt with my fist... screaming out unknown words. Her body shuddered again as she came, an unending set of rapid convulsions.. Her breasts were swaying so violently, it seemed they would swing off her body.

I could feel my cock in her ass from inside her cunt and let my fingers make a chute of their own to let my cock slid against.. It felt like nothing I had felt before and I just fucked faster and deeper, feeling the thickness of my prick through the walls of her cunt.

By now I was over the edge and holding her by my anchored hand inside her cunt, I bent her over on her side and pulled her ass up and plowed into her, all the sexual rage in my system took over and I slammed my cock in and out and then did my own shuddering as my belly let loose its juices and I poured my man juices into her gaping, broken ass.

Even as I was coming, I pulled out of her, leaving her ass hole open, a two inch wide hole unable to close because I had ruined all its muscle control, covered in white cumjuice, and flipped her over and shot my cum on her pussy and breasts, lifting her ass off the bed by the power of my buried fist.

I pulled her head to my cock and with my fist still buried in her cunt, managed to get her mouth on my cock, slurping up the last few ropes of cum.... Then, when the last of my cum was slurped off my meat, I let go an she fell back onto her back.. letting out a deep sigh.

I worked my hand slowly out of her puffed out pussy and held it to her mouth and let her lick the juices from it. I couldn't help but look at the wide open cunt lips and feel my cock throb. My cock was throbbing, half from the pain of what it had just gone through and half from lust building quickly. I flipped her over on her stomach and lifted her up into a doggie position and mounted her cunt from behind, shoving my semi-hard cock in to the balls in the first wet shot. Her cunt was loose and gurgled from its juices as I shoved cock into her, my hips smacking against her ass.

I reached around and grabbed her by the tits and pulled her up and back so that she s was impaled my cock and held there by her breasts. I couldn't have done this with a bigger woman, but she barely weighed a hundred pounds. It was like fucking a teeny bopper..

She moaned and mewed and gasped and cried as I beat my cock into her swollen and sore pussyhole..I wanted to ravage her cunt, to bury my balls in it, to knot her like a dog...soon I had her down, her face buried in the sheets as I rode her ass and slammed into her again and again, knowing that she wanted it hard and deep and hurting. Her rhythmic grunts of uh, more, uh, more, more uh fuck me, hurt me uh, hard yes yes fuuuuckme.... made me wild and dropping two loads of cum already made me last forever.

I pulled out of her cunt and shoved it back into her broken asshole and she screamed as I hit bottom, fucking like a madman, in one hole and out , back into the other hole, over and over, fucking both holes, slurping juices all over her ass, letting it run down her legs and then she went limp on me, her body loose and silent. Her arms flapping wide..

I stopped my craziness and flipped her onto her back.. She was out cold.... Still breathing, gasping for air.. her whole body a dead weight.

I pulled her to my chest, my cock still in her cock greedy cunt and carried her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stepping in, I was still holding her limp body to my breast.

The water cascaded over our bodies and in a minute she began to come around and in five minutes she was finally aware of where she was..

I kept her against me, her breasts against my chest, her arms now wrapped around my neck, her legs around my waist, her body seated on my cock and I washed her as much as I could, but there was cum in her hair and I slowly lifted her off my cock and helped her stand as she cleaned up.. Nothing was said.. we showered in silence, shaken by what had happened....

Finally she noticed that my cock was still hard from the last go around and smiled up at me. I said I wanted it in every opening, baby. I need to suck some cum out of that big boy to finish out my day, and with that bent over and took my cock and balls in hand and started to suck.

It drove me batty.. She had just passed out fucking and was at it again. I couldn't argue.. My cock and balls ached for release and I gently brought my hands to the back of her head and pushed into her eager, sucking lips...

Within moments she had half of my cock down her throat and her one hand was pumping cock and the other massaging balls. I was moaning and humping, fucking her face, letting everything go as I gave in to this exquisite feeling of being engulfed by her very being....If she was already so eager to suck cock, I was ready to give her cock.

I was picking p speed and knew I was ready to blow. I held her head now in a brutal grip and began to face fuck her, pumping her head up and down my shaft and finally, with a powerful surge, rammed it down her throat to the balls, stabbing her with my cock and exploding into her with an energy that blew my cum into her belly as she fought against my full invasion, struggling for air as my cum and cock filled her fully. until she went limp again and fell onto the shower floor, gasping as she came off my cock , cum pouring out of her mouth, mingling with the water beating down on her from the shower head.

I let her lay there until I was able to bundle her up and carry her to the bed... She was sleeping peacefully now and I went in and brewed some coffee....and sat naked on my towel, sipping a cup, wondering what had happened to me, what brought this insatiable, sex driven woman into my life and what had turned me from a guy who hadn't had sex in 18 months into a primal, sexual animal. I wondered what was next.

About an hour passed before she peeked out the bedroom door and said hi...Now she was shy and quiet, no longer the tigress who pulled me out of the mall. Her naked body looked frail and small.

She sat on my lap, her nakedness seeming very normal and hugged me.

Best day of fucking in my whole life, you are incredible...she laughed.

I never had such a woman as you, ever, I answered..

I gotta get home, baby, right away, before I get in bad, bad trouble, she said, as she stood.

No goodbye fuck? I asked, knowing I probably couldn't get a hard on if my life depended on it.

Not Today, sweet baby, but there are a lot of days to cum. Now that I found you, no one else will ever fuck me like you fucked me today.

I'm married to a big shot guy who either has me suck him off or fucks me for 5 minutes once a month and you know what I really need, what I am, what it takes to fill my needs.. you are the answer to my dreams and more.

Gotta get home before he gets there or all hell will break loose... but you are my man, aren't you, baby, please say you are my man??

I am your man for sure, I answered. Come and live with me. We can fuck ten times a day of you want... just pack up and move in here.

No Baby, there are other things involved.. things I can't give up...she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Twenty minutes later we were in the car, dressed and looking as normal as possible.

When I dropped her off at the far end of the mall, she gave me a peck on the check and the number for her ?special' cell phone. She l already had mine and we scheduled another time the end of the week for a repeat performance...

I sat there in the car after she left and wondered......again...what was next...

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Debbie Does Dodge 9

Debbie Does Dodge 9 [part 9 of 13]
By: Will Buster

Chapter 9 Get Together

Somehow between kisses and caresses Debbie and Roger soon got their clothes off. His hands quickly explored her plush breasts while their mouths tasted and tongued each other. Debbie felt her nipple harden in his gentle, eager hands. The blonde hussy wrapped herself around him as they crawled into the bed. He was demanding yet gentle. His mouth did things to her she'd never thought possible. Her expert fingers stroked his member indicating what she wanted him to do to her. In the dim light she whispered, "Take me Roger! I want you so bad!" Roger wanted to hold back but the passion of the moment was too much. He thrust into her and his entrance was greeted with the most visceral jerking and grasping he'd ever remembered from a hot pussy. He held her as close as he could enjoying the feel of her tits against his chest and the hot fervor of her open mouthed kisses. She moaned with obvious pleasure as he drove his excited dick deep into her silky, pussy wetness. Again and again he delved inside her treasury of prime, hot lust. She was like a she cat, a tigress as her fingers clawed his back and her legs instinctively wrapped around his back. She cut short a kiss to yelp, "Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me!" It was like making love to a pent up ball of fleshy fire. Roger was enfolded by exotic feminine loveliness. Roger's lunging member ached to feel every inch of her clenching cunt again and again. His dick tingled and the head itched as he rubbed his shaft hard and quick into the mushy maw of this new wanton slut. Again she spoke and her voice was husky and deep with desire. "Do anything you want to me darling! It feels so good! Oooohhhhh yes! Harder!" Roger had gone a long time without a hot, lovely female. He felt himself reach the brink and with a wild groan he erupted inside Debbie's writhing pussy hole. Debbie yelled in sexual triumph. "Yes baby yes! Fuck me all over again! I want it again!" Roger was panting as he lay on her warm softness. "I say miss you are a wonder! I usually don't discharge so fast! My God I've got to have more of you!" She nibbled his ear lobe, "Honey you can have all of me. I don't know what is happening to me but I love it!"

"You are like a rare, expensive wine you wonderful doll! How did you ever end up in this God forsaken place? I never expected to find anyone so fine in this wilderness and I find you. It's positively amazing." She answered with a voice choked with emotion. "I've never felt quite like this before. It's strange but I feel like I should be the one paying money."

Soon her salivating kisses and vaginal caresses brought his shaft to life once more. This time his strokes were slow and sensitive. She raised her legs so he could move his tongue and mouth over her insteps and calves. His cock felt like it was in a liquid inferno. He had to suck those marvelous tits and he moved down and greedily sucked her well-shaped breasts as she panted with growing ecstasy. "Oh Roger! Do it faster! Harder! Ooooohh Yes! Yes! Ooooohh yes! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" Her cry was primal. Lust blazed through her entire groin and deep into her belly. Her climax was extremely powerful. She was surprised she hadn't gushed on his dick but he hadn't been pile driving her. His love making continued to be slow, powerful and definitely devastating. She knew she was loosing her heart to him. The years of loneliness slowly evaporated through the magic of his tender touch. How Debbie ached for deeper penetration. "Oh please Roger! Fuck me more! I've been so alone I can't stand it any more! Make me yours Roger!" He kissed her again. Roger was surprised at the hidden passions that had lurked beneath the surface of the blonde wanton that was squirming and clutching his firm fleshy pole. Was it her soft Virginia accent? Was it her startling beauty? Was it her powerful internal heat? Was it all of the above and perhaps a few other things below as well? He didn't know but Debbie was different than the others. He could see that her lovely cheeks were stained with tears. She loved him with completely reckless abandon. Had he just met her at the right moment when she was most vulnerable or was he the answer for her? Was she the answer for him? He chuckled to himself.

She asked, "Why are you laughing love?" He slid his cock deeper and harder into her. "I was just thinking how hilarious it would be if my father could see me now. It really is too funny." "Hmmmmm, well you forget about daddy and just do me right honey! God you fuck so good! I can't believe it!" Her legs were all the way back now and she lay open to him, relishing the way his cock rammed almost straight down into her pulsing pussy hole. She wanted him to fuck her ass hole as well but she didn't want to break his rhythmic fucks at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow they could play wilder games but for now all she wanted was his big studding dick right where nature provided the proper spot. With a gasping cry she came again and this time she produced a gusher. Waves of prickly passion rippled through her convulsing abdomen and his fierce fucking kept going. She knew she was in for it now because she'd gotten him to cream off once already. He was hot for her and definitely long lasting and she craved every second of it. Her cunt was still sore though from the way that damned nigger soldier had done her the day before and after the gush she was slowly coming back to earth. "Roger, you can do other things to me if you want. Would you like to put it into my mouth or in my other hole? I don't mind love. I want you to feel real good inside all of me"

Roger took the hint and he moved her legs out of the way and moved up to place his red-hot meat between her eager sucking lips. Slowly and carefully he shoved his twitching dick further down her throat while she twisted her tasting tongue over his firm roundness. She salivated expertly on it to keep it lubricated and itchy. She knew precisely what to do as she gave him superb head. She could feel him tremble and tense and she knew the moment was near. Debbie gripped his bare ass, forcing him in deeper so he would know it was all right to shoot his cum down her throat. Suddenly with a gasp of joy he released and his creamy seed exploded down Debbie's gagging throat. She swallowed with guzzling gulps as he jerked more and more into her mouth. "Oh God Debbie! Suck me! Suck me!" As he drained his fluids down her gullet, his passion finally passed and the expert whore continued to lick and suck him cleaning off every drop. Debbie loved the taste of him and the feel of his gradually softening prick in her mouth. The lovely harlot swiveled her wiggling tongue over his sensitive dick head and moaned with pleasure as if she desired even more of his inner essence. To her surprise she actually did want more of him. At last he lay beside her and just held her until they slept.

It was early in the morning with the dawn's light tentatively filtering through the thick curtained window. Roger was as hard as a rock and still lying beside him was this lovely creature he'd ravished just a few hours before. Even in the morning grayness he could clearly see her awesome beauty. Her hips were rounded and full. Her silky skin was so warm and soft where she'd cuddled up against him. Her tits were large and well shaped and definitely very firm. One of her slender legs was draped over his. He just couldn't resist waking her for more bed sport. He woke her as gently and sensuously as possible. His mouth nursed her nipples ever so gently causing her to moan a little in her drowsiness. Her face was still stained with flecks of cum and her sleepy smile was very seductive.

Her voice was drowsy and yet very interested. "Do you want me again Roger Love? You're such a deliciously naughty boy you know." He slowly moved her on top of him and she was impaled with his tongue and his prick. His hands held her ass cheeks and she was forced to fuck his thick cock. Not that she had to be forced. Her mouth became her best sexual weapon as she ejected spit into his kissing mouth. Her tongue attacked that serpent like tongue of his as her body surged down and up, down and up, down and up until she quaked with yet another orgasm. She couldn't seem to get enough of him even this early in the morning. "Oh Roger you can eat me and fuck me all you want! I've never felt like this before! Oh my sweet Jesus! Keep loving me!" She showed him all her desires and lust as she rode on his dick. Her sexy moans and whimpers only served to encourage him to greater exertions and more provocative explorations with his fingers and hands. She shoved her tits into his sucking mouth and guided his fingers into her aching bum hole to let the young stud know that even that was not to be denied to him. She offered herself body and soul that early morning. She wasn't fucking for money. She was fucking to capture Roger's heart in full. It made all the difference and Roger could feel it. This wasn't some whore going through the motions. This was a young woman that craved him like actual nourishment. Her long, golden hair fell loosely on his face and shoulders tickling him a little. Roger gently stroked his fingers through that shimmering, silky hair as she kept recklessly plunging on his stiff, tingling meat with fierce sharp down thrusts. "Just keep loving me Roger! I'll wait for lunch!" "Do you like this for breakfast my fairest?" "Hmmmmm, only I want a lot more. So why don't you fill my crack, my mouth and then my little tight ass? I want you to enjoy all of me so you know what you're getting'!" He smirked, "Or perhaps I can find out what I am getting into? Hmmmmm?" "Yeah, so where would you like to squirt into first? Be honest now?" "He looked into those hot, glowing blue eyes. "Actually I'd like you to drink me again." She grinned down at him with her most mischievous smile. ""So you liked that honey? Well I'm real thirsty so hear goes."

She moved down after she removed his rock hard staff from her lively cunt. In moments she was sucking him hard and quick. She ached to have him inside her hot holes and she knew the quicker she drank him and re-hardened him the faster she would get some real cunt wrenching fucking. Roger lay back and enjoyed the show. Debbie's tits were bobbing around as she gorged her mouth on his slick pole. He watched in fascination as his rod disappeared and reappeared between those small, virginal looking lips. Her sucking, spitting mouth drew his passion more surely than anything he could recall. His head went from side to side and he moaned as he approached his moment. "Oh yeah! Yeah! Aaaaaahhh! Oh Debbie! Debbie! Debbie! Oh God!" His dick took on a life of its own as it lunged straight up into Debbie's hard sucking mouth. In a moment of brilliant ecstasy his prick seemed to explode as it ejected gobs of sticky, creamy cum straight into her gulping mouth. She smacked her lips in genuine appreciation. The young tramp greedily ingested most of his scummy, white seed. She stared at him while flashing him that sleazy smile of hers. "God you taste good Roger. Now I'm gonna tickle you nice and hard again and you can try my little bum hole. You'll like that! It's one of my specialties!"

Again her mouth went down on him and her slow, sensuous cadence gradually got him stiff again. Debbie was urgently in need of some prime quality dicking and she aggressively straddled him and forced his dick into her tight yet pliant rectum. She'd had plenty of practice doing this and she got much more pleasure than pain out of it now. She romped on his cock. His eyes were shut and his mouth open from the exceptional pleasure that his prick was getting. Debbie was exerting all of her formidable sexuality as she forcefully ground her aching anus down on him with her full body weight behind each thrust. "You just love that Roger! I like fucking you with my tiny ass hole! I'm gonna squeeze all that white stuff out of you quick so you can fuck my pussy for a long, long time! Ooooohh God! Ahuh! Ahuh! It's so big in my ass! Aaaaaahhh!" His hands were groping her tits again. She moved her wiggling toes so he could suck them while she made the savage beast by jerking her rimming anus all over his aching rod. She was his plaything right now. He rubbed her clit and shoved his fingers into her seeping slit and she cried out with a searing burst of passion. Her mouth was open and her head leaned back as she wildly performed rectal magic on his prick. The way he was sucking her toes and playing with her vagina was driving her wild. She felt like a superb, sex crazed whore at moments like these. She wiggled her ass in the most wicked ways she could manage and then she felt him tense. With a loud groan and a shuddering spasm he drowned her tender insides with a spurting shower of sticky wetness.

She fell on top of him and released his cock at the same moment. In her most sultry, seductive voice she tempted him further. "Oooooo Roger you're such a naughty boy. You just wet my poor little bum hole with all those wicked wet sins of yours. Do you like to fuck, helpless girls in all the worst places? Hmmmm?" "I must confess yes, at least with you." Did you like fucking and squirting into my little ass hole?" "Yes." "Do you like the way I suck and swallow you with my wicked little mouth?" "Definitely." "Are you gonna play with my pretty pussy now honey?" "Would you like that?"

"Yeah I want you to get on top of me and use your mouth on my cunt first. I want you to lick it and suck it until my juices get really flowing. Then I can fuck that naughty cock better and longer. Do you want to ravish me all morning long you very wicked stud?"

He moved into the required position and that's when he finally noticed the bruises. "I say! What happened to you?" A faint trace of alarm crept into her voice. "What do you mean?" "You've got some nasty bruises down here. I'm so sorry love! If I'd noticed them before I wouldn't have been so rough with you. How did this happen?" She looked into his eyes, "Do you want the truth Roger?" "You bet your sweet ass I do! Did somebody do this to you?" She could hear genuine anger in his voice. "Oh Roger are you angry at me?" Roger lay down beside her and held her close. "Heavens no angel! How did it happen?" "A customer practically attacked me the night before last. He was a brute, a horrible black brute! Oh Roger please forgive me! I should have told you before!" She was weeping in his arms and to his credit Roger was more interested in comforting this crying girl than continuing to exploit her considerable charms. "He's a bloody barbaric animal! How could he do this to you! You're too gentle for this life Debbie. When I go back East will you come with me?" "How long will you be staying in Dodge?" "A few months yet but you don't have to stay at that filthy place. Stay here with me. I'll look after you. I know your quality." "But I'm a stranger to you. Are you sure?" He looked into her still damp eyes. "Debbie how can we be sure about anything in this life. A year ago I knew about as much of America as I did of Outer Mongolia or Samerkand. If you stay with me for a few months we'll be able to see if we're meant for each other or not." She clung to him fiercely. "You don't know how lonely I've been Roger, ever since the war."

He gently pushed her golden tresses away from her face. "Tell me about it love." "Are you sure? It's a rather long story. Wouldn't you rather play a little more first?" "I think I'll save dessert for awhile. As for the length of your epoch, we have until lunch at least. You can give me all the sordid details." She snuggled even closer to him putting her naked leg over his and pressing her breasts against his chest. After a long, inviting kiss she whispered. "All right love, you asked for it."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ahead of The Game

Ahead of The Game [part 5 of 5]
By: Quiet one (

My eyes switch on. Despite the apartment being its usual 65 degrees the sheets cling to my naked body. I bicycle my feet to free myself and praise the blessed air as it begins drying my damp body. My hand moves to my chest to try and still my pounding heart. What the fuck Michelle? Sex dreams are one thing, but this...Jesus. In my hands, in my mouth, in my ass, in my pussy, each hard cock as big as the next, and even more intense than the scene was my need to satisfy these fantasy men. I lay back and lightly run my fingers along my chest and belly, enjoying the slight chill I give myself as my body continues to cool. Rob was present also, but his wasn't one of the penises moving in and out of me. I'd sporadically flash to him sleeping. It didn't take Freud to figure out what this signified. My love was oblivious to the depths of my depravity. Fingers are now running along my still very wet pussy as my other hand presses roughly against my titties that are now topped with tiny nipcicles. My mind returns to the dreamscape filled with ideal men, perpetually silent and hard. Their groping resumes and soon a majority of my right hand is inside me, happily stretching, but failing to reach my most sensitive area, disappointing, but not very. Thighs clamp shut on my straining hand to pull the heel in more tightly against my clit. Oh fuck! Imagined cocks begin spewing impossible and very welcome amounts in and over my body. I can almost taste it as my orgasm approaches. What the fuck?! Who is coming in my house right now? I run down the hall and peek around the corner at the front door.

"Sorry ma'am. We've come to check the smoke detectors."

First of all, I hate ma'am. Secondly, smoke detectors? Through my about to come haze I remember a note on a doorknob reminding us of this, "Oh, ok."

Wayne, as indicated by the name on his denim shirt, motions above my head to the appliance as he clumsily enters the apartment, then creepily widens his eyes as he comes to the realization that I was at least topless. I make sure to not give even the slightest indication that his look is welcome as I retreat to the bedroom. One very obnoxious beep later, the most rude interruption I'd ever experienced was over. Hmm, if Wayne had looked like Gerard Butler he may have had a very good morning.

I slip into one of Rob's T-shirts and plod to the kitchen to make some coffee, from erotic to everyday just like that. I take my huge cup to our little balcony with a magazine to sip and read. We overlook the pool from the third floor, and I'm soon distracted from Jon and Kate by the very blond and tan lifeguard. He's really cute. I had thought that he was in high school, but being that that's where he would be right now if this was indeed the case, I'm guessing college. A little young, but why not? I drank and watched as he skimmed and vacuumed and tested chemicals, lecherous thoughts once again running through my head. Could I? What would Rob do? I'm guessing that after the other night with Eric he's pretty much up for anything, but even if he's not here? These questions vexed me as I donned my hottest bikini, but then, I had the solution. Behold the power of video. Just like being there right? I sauntered downstairs and immediately caught the eye of my prey. Honestly, with my savage tan, and skimpy white suit, he'd have to be blind to not notice me straight away. I stepped slowly into the rather chilly water at the shallow end and swam to the opposite side where he was sitting at a picnic table. I was directly opposite him when I climbed out of the pool. His eyes pinballed over me as I modeled my bathing suit that was never intended for bathing. It may as well have been wet tissue paper. I gave him a few moments to ogle my quite visible boobs and pussy, then leaned in to grab a thick green highlighter from his backpack. I wrote our apartment number in rather large letters across his notebook before spinning and heading back upstairs. God it felt so fucking hot to be this shameless. The knock on the door came surprisingly fast, as did the answer. I grabbed him by his tank-top, emblazoned with Lifeguard, and pulled him into me for a very tonguey kiss. I backed to the couch as we slobbered over each other, and pulled away when we reached our destination. My hands slipped inside his little red shorts and pushed them down his legs. I followed them to the floor, and was now kneeling in front of blondie's very respectable boner. The long slow lick from balls to tip began, once, twice, mmmmm. With a quick pull on the back of his knees he was where he needed to be. I hopped onto the couch next to him and dove in, swirling my tongue around his hot shaft as it moved deeper and deeper. Fuck! I withdrew and started angrily jerking the slick cock, letting more and more saliva fall over him as I went. Aching to redeem myself I pushed him passed my lips. The violent movement of my hand diminished with less and less to hold on to, and it eventually slid away as the deepthroating was achieved. I heard an "Oh fuck" as I squeezed my cheeks tightly around him. Careful Michelle. After a prolonged pull out, a much more swollen cock stood before me, glistening with ropy strands of spit and oozing precum. "Get up." I didn't have to say it twice. I rose also, and rested my arms along the back of the couch, "Now fuck me." My still very wet bottoms were thrown across the room, then, in a flash, he was inside me. "That's it. Fuck me hard. Fuck me harder!" His strained breaths were making me crazy, and he was indeed fucking me hard. I continued doing my best pornstar routine, saving the best for last with the whispered, "I want you to come in my mouth." That was it. After several rapid-fire "oks" I pulled away and spun just in time. I eagerly lapped at his spurting dick as hot jizz fell in and around my mouth. Occasionally I'd force a good amount through clenched lips and let it flow down my chin. A fantastic performance if I must say. When my unknowing co-star was finished hosing me down I thanked him, very sincerely, for the fuck, and sent him back to his studies. I did a quick fast-forwarded preview of my movie. It was pretty hysterical watching a 100 mile per hour blowjob and fuck. I'm no cinematographer, but I think my lifeguard, what was his name, and I could certainly have careers in porn. I hope Rob enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.


I always shake my head in disbelief when I stop to think of Michelle, probably the same way a basketball player would while watching Michael Jordan. Sure he plays the same game, just way better than anyone else ever has. Now I don't know if my girlfriend's the best ever, but she certainly is in my world, hall-of-fucking famer actually. I'd like to try and sexually surprise her for a change, but am having trouble coming up with the right scenario. I understand now that it could be just about anything, but who knows, what makes her hot one night, might just turn her off the next. Watching her with another guy again would be awesome. I guess we have something to discuss after dinner.

She greets me at the door with the usual sultry kiss, and ushers me to the sofa. She's wearing one of my T-shirts and nothing else, a favorite ensemble of mine. I playfully pull it down til a shoulder pops out of the neck hole, she giggles as always, and turns back to the kitchen, "Be ready in just a sec."

"Smells good. What'd you do today?"

"Oh this and that, went down to the pool for a bit."

"Cool. Did you make any guys nervous or ladies jealous?"



"Yeah, you love it." She set our plates down, and we ate between bouts of flirting. Hard-ons over dinner are great. When my plate was clean she walked in the little space between the coffee table and me instead of around, "Dessert?" Her pussy was separated from my face by a thin layer of cotton and about three inches. I looked up at her smiling face, and asked what she had. She was ready, "Pie." I can't tell you how many times we've partaken in this silly banter, but it gets me every time. She continued walking and received a loud slap on her cute little butt. Now there'd be drinks. I was looking forward to having a couple then discussing my latest fantasy. After two Johnnie Blues I asked if she had anything wild in store for us.

"Umm, kind of," she said as her face reddened.

Oh shit, Michelle's face turning red? Hers has to be good. "Oh, well I was kind of thinking that I'd like to make the next suggestion."

"Oooh, Mr. Assertive, I like that." She slinked over and straddled my lap, "What do you have in mind?"

She was rolling her hands up in the bottom of her shirt, anxiously awaiting my reply, but also distracting the hell out of me with the occasional peep between her legs, "I've been thinking about you and Eric, and how I'd really like to watch you with another guy again, but just watching this time, and....maybe....getting it on video."

You'd think I'd just given her a diamond by the absolutely elated look spreading across her face, "So you want to start your own little porn collection starring little old me? Well, well, well. What if I told you that I've already started it for you?"

What did you do 'Chel? She pushes herself off of me and walks over to the television, manipulating buttons that I didn't think she knew existed. She spins around to face me before stepping aside, ostensibly to see the look on my face as I get my first glimpse of her, and the lifeguard! You went to the pool today alright. I didn't wince a bit, nor did my eyes shift to Michelle to show any sign of approval or disapproval. I just watched her suck, then fuck our very young looking lifeguard. When it was over I rolled my eyes toward my very antsy girlfriend. God she so wanted to know what I was thinking, but I let her stew, giving an emotionless, "Play that again." Soon her mouth was once again on blondie's cock. She made a move to come back to the sofa, but I stopped her, waiting for just the right moment. I had her hit pause just as she was completing the sword swallowing. There, big as life on my 52 inch LCD, was Michelle with another man's dick down her throat, and I was so fucking turned on! "Come here." She damn near sprinted to my zipper, and in no time, a slow bob began. Her smiling eyes watched me intently as mine shifted back and forth from her to...her.

"Do you like that baby? Watching me make that cock disappear? It tasted soooo good."

She runs her outstretched fingers up my thick seven inches before coiling them tightly around the top for a rather rough jerk back down, obviously enjoying the look of my very engorged member, or maybe she was contemplating a reprisal of her role as the slut in my new favorite porno, Lifeguard Deepthroat Part I. Her gorgeous lips move side to side over my purple head before proceeding up and over. I was no longer distracted by the still image on the screen as Michelle devoured me inch by inch. We both knew it wasn't going to happen, but it was still fun trying, well, at least for me. She took what she could over and over, spitting excess saliva over my cock each time she failed. Eventually she cast me a very resigned look through watery eyes. I grinned and she looked back down at her nemesis, baring her teeth as if ready to...bite! Thankfully it was only a threat, but I once again learned not to tease a woman that had her mouth so close to my dick.

"Can I hit play again?" She asked through giggles and licks of my glistening shaft.

When play resumed Michelle tried to assume her movie position on the back of the sofa. "Uh-uh," I said while pointing down at the coffee table, "right here." I wanted to be able to watch her fuck while I fucked her. She put each knee atop the table then fell forward onto her hands, looking back at me as I stepped in, and ran the head of my cock along her very wet pussy. God she was so fucking sexy, circling her hips as she pushed back against me. Whenever I try to tease her, it backfires. She's just so much better at it than me. I push my way inside, and am soon unable to look anywhere but toward the ceiling, overwhelmed by the dueling Michelle's before me.

"Rooob," she sings, then whispers, "look at me."

My eyes fall back to on-screen Michelle smiling at the camera as she's covered with cum. The TV goes blue, and I pan down once more, quickly hypnotized by the look and feel of me moving in and out. What do I enjoy more? The sensation of being completely inside this sexual dynamo, or the sight of her slightly exposed silken insides as her tight pussy struggles to prevent my withdraw. I choose both, and experience them over and over and over again. Telling me to fuck her harder, or faster, will not be necessary. This won't last very long though, and believe me, Michelle knows it. Her ass escapes my tight grip as she spins away, "Your turn baby." In a moment of inspiration I motion toward the camera, which is eagerly retrieved. Now, centered in the viewfinder, my budding actress gets to work, licking and sucking the tip of my about to erupt shlong as her impossibly green eyes make love to the lens. I zoom in as the camera begins to tremble. Michelle's lips part to give a good shot of my cock spurting into her mouth before pushing me back to make a complete mess of her. As my orgasm subsides I'm pulled back in, shrinking dick now rollling across that beautifully sticky face. "Mmmmmm. Thank you."

Oh, no, no, no. Thank you.


The Bet Payback part 3

The Bet Payback part 3 [part 3 of 3]
By: Wildthing

You may want to read Chapters 1 and 2 of The Bet Payback first in order to get the background of this story.

The Bet Payback [part 3 of 3] By: Wildthing

"I came all the way to Baltimore, and I find the den of iniquity! Get up and get out here girl!" Pastor Anderson yelled at Tanya from across the room. "I can't believe this, I told you that boy was nothing but trouble!"

"OH MY GOD!" Tanya shouted out in horror as her mother stepped into the room. She sprung up from the floor, and scrambled to pull down her shirt and skirt both hands shaking.

Kevin didn't have the same luck, his pants were down around his ankles and he would have to stand up to cover himself. He quickly used both of his hands to cover his hard dick.

"Don't call on the Lord when you're still dealing with the Devil! I can't believe what I'm seeing. Lord what have I done to deserve such a harlot as a daughter? And you!" Pastor Anderson said as she pointed at Kevin. "You brought my child down this road to hell and damnation. I always knew you would be her downfall."

"Oh shit." Kevin said to himself. "How in the world am I going to get out of here without Mrs. Anderson killing me?" "Hi Pastor Anderson" Kevin said softly as she continued to glare at him.

"Boy don't talk to me you know I don't like you. I never could stand sinners." Kevin shook his head and stared at Tanya's back as she crossed the room. As she moved towards her mother, he could now see her cousin, Melinda standing outside the door with her eyes wide open in shock.

"Mom, I don't know what to say, I'm so sorry." Tanya said as she approached her mother. "Why don't you let Melinda take you back to my place, while I close up the club? When I get home, I promise to explain as much as I can, ok?"

"Really?" "Well you better think fast Babygirl, because you have a whole lot to explain to me! You can start by explaining why you are fornicating in public and end with how you are the manager of this club. And bring that boy with you." With that, Mrs. Anderson turned around and stormed out of the office.

Melinda stuck her head in the door and looked at Tanya and Kevin.

"Ooooohhhhh, you in trouble." Melinda said with a smile as she pointed at them. "I knew you guys would get your freak on one day, but to be caught butt naked by the Pastor, wow!

"Girl, get out of here, and go watch my mama." Tanya said as she closed the door in Melinda's face and locked it behind her.

Kevin and Tanya's eyes met and immediately the both burst out laughing. "Shh, shh." Tanya said as she crossed back over to where Kevin sat. "Don't give my mama a reason to come back in here."

"What are we going to do?" Tanya asked suddenly becoming serious.

"We? Nah T, that's your mama, I'm out of it. I'd be crazy to let that woman get me cornered you know she hates me."

Tanya moved forward and straddled Kevin's lap and began placing kisses on his neck. "Please Kev." Tanya said between kisses. "You have to help me get out of this. My mom is going to kill me if I tell her the truth." Tanya finished as she grinded her pussy against Kevin's dick.

"Oooh, you're playing dirty." Kevin said as he grabbed Tanya's ass. "Here." Kevin lifted Tanya up and slid his hard penis inside of her. "Sit on my dick while I think of a way to keep your mom from killing the both of us."

"Jesus." Tanya moaned as she moved her hips against Kevin's. She could feel her orgasm building just that fast. Tanya leaned forward and used her legs as leverage to pound her pussy into Kevin. She could feel her pussy pulsate and knew that she was on the verge of having the best orgasm of her life.

"That's right baby, come on this dick." Kevin said as Tanya's pussy tightened around him. He grabbed her around her waist and began to stroke inside her as fast as he could. The constant rubbing of Kevin's dick against her clit caused Tanya's body to convulse.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm coming!" Tanya cried out over and over again as the pleasure flowed through her. Tears of ecstasy poured down her face, her body jerked until the last remnants of her orgasm left her body. Tanya closed her eyes and laid her head on Kevin's shoulder. Her heavy breathing was music to his ears.

Kevin smiled to himself, at that moment he knew that he had her. There was no way she could walk away from him after coming that hard. He hugged Tanya closer and allowed her to sleep while he thought of what to say to Tanya's mother....

Twenty minutes later, Tanya woke from her slumber and found that she was stretched out on the floor of her office. "Damn, what happened? Tanya asked out loud. She felt as if she had a few drinks in her system. Tanya rolled over and looked around the room for any signs of Kevin. Just then her office door opened and Kevin walked back into the room.

"Hey baby, I see you finally woke up. The club is closed and the doors are locked."

"Thanks Kevin." Tanya said as she picked herself up off the floor. "You are the best!"

Kevin laughed. "I know, I could tell by all that screaming you were doing."

"Shut up!" Tanya said with a smile. "I was not screaming, I was just talking loud."

"Yeah, whatever T, go get cleaned up and presentable so that I can drive you home to your mama."

Tanya went to the bathroom to freshen up, and Kevin spent that time cleaning up her office. He placed her cell phone back on the desk and noticed that there were four messages waiting.

"Hey Tanya, you have messages!" Kevin shouted.

"Cool, Tanya said as she came back in the room. Tanya picked up the phone and scrolled through the menu. She noticed that all four were from her mom. "Let's see what she had to say." Tanya turned on her speaker phone and dialed the access code to her voicemail. Tanya's mother's voice came through the speakers.

9:09 PM, first message. "Hi Babygirl, this is your mom, Surprise, I'm in Baltimore to visit you, give me a call back and let me know what time you expect to be home. I drove all the way from South Carolina by myself, aren't you proud of me? Anyway, give me a call back, bye.

"Damn, she called me hours ago, how in the world did I miss her messages?" Tanya asked as she pressed nine so that the next message could play.

10:35 PM, second message. "Hi Tanya, its mom again, I still haven't heard from you. I'm sitting outside of your house and I'm waiting for you to get home. Give me a call as soon as possible. Love ya.

11:50 PM, third message. "Hi Tanya, this is your mother speaking. I've been at your house since 8 PM and you aren't here. I went over to Melinda's house, and her no good husband told me that you're working with Melinda at some strip club called Pinnacle. I know that can't be right. You need to call me immediately!"

"Oh, shit, that's how she found you!" Kevin said. "Why in hell would Jason tell her you were here?"

"She hates Jason as much as she hates you, he would have told her anything to get her to leave his house." Tanya said as she pressed nine again.

12:23 AM, fourth message. "It's your mom again, I'm on my way to this club. I'll be there shortly bye.

"Ok, this makes sense on how she was able to walk in on us. How am I going to be able to face her again Kevin? She waited 3 hours to catch me butt naked in a business I never told her about."

Kevin could see the tears forming in Tanya's eyes. "Don't worry baby, I've been thinking while you were asleep. I have a plan on how to work this out ok?"

"Ok good, what's the plan?" Tanya asked.

"Not so fast, there is a price for my assistance my dear. Do you agree to pay it, or do you face your mom without a plan?"

"What?! How can you do this to me? You know I don't have a clue how to get out of this mess. And what will you require from me for your help?" Tanya said.

"My price is free for now; you only have to pay if it works. I won't tell you what it is unless it works. That's my offer, I have a plan, but you have to agree to pay my price." Kevin said as he looked into Tanya's eyes.

"Ok, you expect me to agree to terms without first telling me what they are? Tanya asked, and Kevin nodded his head. Fine, I'm desperate, I agree, now what's the plan?"

"It's so simple, it's beautiful, just blame everything on me." Kevin said.

"Huh?" Tanya asked.

"Your mom already hates my guts. Tell her that I own this business, and that you manage it for me as a favor until I can find someone else. Tell her that I seduced you tonight being the wicked person that I am. Let her believe I lead you astray, and that you are so sorry you fell for my evil tricks. She'll believe it, and I'll be there to back up your story. Like I said it's so simple, it's beautiful."

"That just might work! Ok, let's go to my house and talk to my mom." Tanya gathered up her things, and left with Kevin to go face her mother....

"I knew it! I knew my Babygirl was led astray by your trifling behind. I know the Lord guided me to that place to save my child from your clutches. I was young once, I know the urges the body has to tilt you towards sin, but I learned to resist. You are a heathen boy." Pastor Anderson pointed at Kevin. You have always been, and you will always be a heathen. I'm going to pray for your soul! Pastor Anderson preached as she paced back and forth in front of Kevin and Tanya.

They had been subjected to an hour long lecture from the Pastor about the wages of sin, fornication, and lying by omission. By now, Kevin knew his plan worked, she had spent the last twenty minutes telling him he was a serpent in the Garden of Eden, and that God was going to cast him out of Heaven just as he did the Devil.

"Now, I've said my peace. Babygirl, I know I can't run your life, but it would be in your best interest to remove yourself away from sinners! They do nothing but bring you down to their level. You both need to repent and beg God for his forgiveness. Goodnight, I'm going to bed"

"Night mama." Tanya said as she got up and kissed her mother's cheek.

"Good night Pastor Anderson, thank you for your counsel, I'll take all you said into consideration."

"Good, because God knows you need to. Goodnight children." Pastor Anderson left the living room and went upstairs to her room. Tanya waited until she heard the guest room door close before she said a word.

"Kev, you are brilliant!" Tanya smiled as she turned to hug him. "She totally blames you, and I'm off the hook. I owe you big time!"

"Yes you do, and since the plan worked, I can tell you what I want from you."

"Ok, shoot."

"Starting today, and for the next two weeks, you will be my sex slave." Kevin said.

"What! Are you kidding me!"

"No, I'm very serious and I'm not finished. For the next two weeks, anytime, anyplace I want you, you are mine. At the end of the two weeks, you will perform a private lap dance for me which will be video taped. That way, you'll never be tempted to show the tape you made of me stripping. Pretty cool, huh?"

"You are so twisted Kevin, I thought we were friends."

"We are, but remember, you started this when you made me strip tonight. Now, do you agree, or do I go upstairs and tell Pastor Anderson that I lied?"

"No, no need for black mail I agree to your conditions. Two weeks anytime, anyplace. I accept.

Tanya was secretly thrilled, she got to have Kevin pleasure her for the next two weeks, and she was off the hook with her mom.

"Good, you can start right now." Kevin said as he unzipped his pans and pulled out his dick. "Your mom interrupted your blow job before, now is the perfect time to finish what you started.

Tanya slid off the couch and kneeled in front of Kevin. Without another word, she began licking up and down his shaft getting him as wet as she could with her mouth. Kevin moaned softly as Tanya flicked her tongue across the head of his dick. She paused once in a while to suck on the head while she stroked his shaft up and down. Kevin's breath caught as the need to cum came over him. Tanya heard his breathing pattern change and began to stroke him faster with her hands as she sucked on the crown. Kevin grabbed a pillow from the couch and stuffed in end into his mouth. At the same time, he use his other hand to hold Tanya's still as he pumped stream after stream of cum into her mouth until his balls were empty. His screams of pleasure muffled by the pillow.

"God Tanya." That was all Kevin could say as he looked down at her. Remnants of his cum clung to the sides of her mouth where it had leaked out. "You missed some." Kevin said as he used his finger to move the cum from the side of her lips into her mouth.

"You are so nasty." Tanya said as she licked his finger clean. "You up for one more round, or are you ready to go home?" Tanya asked as she ran her hand over Kevin's engorged member.

"My dick's still working honey, come here."

Kevin pulled Tanya off of her feet and placed her thighs outside of his. He positioned his dick against her pussy and rubbed the head against her clit driving them both crazy. Finally, Tanya grabbed his shaft and sank down onto Kevin bringing an end to their misery.

"Oh, you feel so good baby." Tanya moaned into Kevin's ear. "I can't get enough of you" Tanya said as she moved herself up and down on Kevin's dick. "My pussy likes you."

"Oh yeah, I love it when you talk dirty." Kevin said as he lifted his hips off of the couch and began pounding into Tanya's pussy.

Tanya began moaning loudly as the first wave of her orgasm swept through her body. "Yes Kevin, fuck me, fuck me." Tanya cried out against the intensity.

Kevin felt the stirring in his balls and knew he was about to cum. He pulled Tanya closer to his body and blasted his cum inside of her just as her body clamped down on his dick.

"Babygirl are you alright? It sounds like you were cry..." Pastor Anderson stopped speaking mid-sentence as she took in the scene before her. Kevin and her daughter wrapped up in each other's arm having sex right under her nose.

"That's it, tomorrow we are going down to city hall and you two are getting a license to get married!" Pastor Anderson turned around and went back upstairs to her bedroom. She could have sworn that both Kevin and Tanya said "Oh Shit!"

The End...