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Viper I loses at strip poker

Viper I loses at strip poker
By: Viper I (

Viper I loses at strip poker

By Viper I

A couple months back I was on vacation with my Cousin. We are both night owls and like to play cards so one night at about 2AM we were playing a game in the lobby of the hotel we were at. There was a teenage girl at the front desk (fairly cute but not bombshell) and no signs of anyone else. We flirted with this girl from time to time but it wasn't going anywhere.

At about 3 am this other girl stopped by the desk. She was obviously a friend of the girl at the front desk and was staying at the hotel. I heard her say something to the girl behind the desk about not being able to find her underwear and wanting to know if she could buy some in the gift shop when it opened. My cousin, who is a lot bolder than I am when it comes to talking to girls, was off and running now. For the next half hour the conversation was all sexually oriented but kind of in code

My cousin's goal was to get them to play cards with us, hopefully strip poker. It was obvious that the subtle approach wasn't working so he just came out and asked them to play strip poker with us. They declined but said they would watch us play. I, being the exhibitionist of the two of us, said OK. My cousin kind of glared at me. He didn't see any reason to play if we had no chance of seeing them naked. But it was kind of too late, we were committed. We decided not to play poker but to finish the game we had started, on a "loser loses all" basis. My cousin was leading but there was a long way to go.

I started getting great cards and took a fairly big lead. My cousin leaned over and said he really didn't want to have to strip, he wasn't an exhibitionist and that he'd owe me one if I'd lose on purpose. I bailed him out and started losing. When we were near the end of the game, and it was obvious that I was going to lose, the girls started taunting me a bit, and asked how long I had to be naked. My cousin answered 2 hours or until guests started appearing or until I had an orgasm which ever came first. In other words, this guy who I had just bailed out decided to screw me.

I told him there was no way I was staying nude for two hours or having an orgasm, no matter how it was achieved, in front of him, but I would abide by that with the girls only. One hand later, I had lost. My cousin said have fun and got up to go back to his room. The girls said "wait, take his clothes with you. With that they took me back into the manager's office and said "strip for us." When I was completely naked they gathered up my clothes and gave them to my cousin. That was the last I saw of him until the next day at Lunch. I got an immediate erection and the girls said, "I think he's having fun being nude in front of us, let's make sure he has lots of fun."

It was now close to 4am and I was calculating the odds of going two hours and whether any of the guests would be getting up by then. I had a sudden attack of fear as my memory kicked in and I realized that I had left my room key in my pants pocket and now had no way to get back into my room without either calling my cousin (the same guy who had just screwed me) or admitting my problem to the night desk girl and hope she would be friendly enough to make another key.

She said she would be happy to make me a key if I could give her id proving that I was the correct guest for the room I wanted a key for. Of course I had no such ID. The alternative was to do whatever they told me to do and she would have her friend escort me to the room where I could show her id once I got there. What could I do but say OK. Now I totally didn't know when it would end. Whenever they felt like it.

The night desk girl kind of had to stay near the front desk in case of calls and since she didn't want to miss anything, we pretty much stayed in the lobby and in the manager's office. For the most part they just had me pose in various positions while they checked me out and felt me up. Once they had me get on the ground on all fours and demonstrate how I would look fucking them doggy style. They laughed and cheered as I grinded my hips in the air. They said it was too bad I had nothing to fuck but the air.

The only time I left the lobby area was when I said I had to pee and the other girl said she wanted me to do it outside and she wanted to hold my penis while I did it to see if she could write a message with my pee. We went outside. I was Rock Hard and it wasn't easy to pee let alone for her to write anything but I think she enjoyed this little bit of added humiliation. Thank goodness nobody came by or saw us from their room. As far as I know, only these two girls saw me nude that night.

When I got back to the office she gave her friend a summary of what happened. They both agreed I had had a boner way too long and it was time to do something to get me soft again. They also said they wanted to see what else came out of my dick beside pee. They proceeded to give me a hand job. One would stroke me while the other tickled my balls. This felt great and I wanted it to last all night so I fought not to cum. After about 2 minutes the one girl said, "I guess we aren't very good at this or he'd have cum by now." She suggested I should show them what they were doing wrong by demonstrating how I did it. I assured them they were doing great and that I was just trying my best to make it last. But it was basically too late. The one girl said to the night desk girl, "Have you ever seen a man masturbate?" the answer was no. She said "you are really going to enjoy this then", and turned to me and said "play with yourself, and to prove we were doing ok, make it take longer than 3 minutes."

I have to admit that masturbating in front of a female audience had always been a fantasy of mine. I had done it before in front of girl friends and once in front of a few of strangers. But it had been a long time, and now that I was about to actually do it again I was very embarrassed. Suddenly, I became acutely aware of just how naked I was and just how completely dressed they were. They also suddenly seemed so young as they stared at my cock waiting for the show to begin. I don't know what I would have done if I had a room key, but without one, I did as instructed and began to jack off. Listening to them talk to each other and giggle, saying things like "Oh My god, he's actually doing it, he's really laying there on the floor jerking off in front of us" made it even more embarrassing and more exciting.

They asked me if it felt good, they told me to really get into it, and moan real loud. When I began to moan they really laughed. This was too much for me and I shot my load before the three minutes was up. They said I didn't make the time requirement and would have to do it again. But the girl working the night desk realized that she would get into a lot of trouble if guests or if the dayshift personnel showed up. She quickly made a key, gave it to her friend and said take him back to his room, I'll be up to watch the second show when my shift is over. They didn't allow me to clean my self up. Well they offered to allow me to clean myself up by wiping my cum up with my hand and eating it, but I'm not really into that. I had to walk through the lobby, get on the elevator, walk down the hall to my room, not only naked but with cum dripping down my chest and legs.

I went up to my room where my cousin was with the first girl. She opened the door for me and let me in. I knew I was in for doing another show at least. I continued the charade of finding my id in the pile of clothes my cousin brought up. I asked politely to put my clothes back on, but she said, "not yet honey, we've got a bit more in store for you." My cousin saw what was going on and tried to stay around. I told him no way. He got dressed and left for an early breakfast.

The girl made a point of opening the drapes in the room wide open before she wandered over to me. She had me bend over again on all fours like before. I was on the end of the bed and she pulled up a chair next to my ass. "Hmmmm," she said, "I wonder what we can put in here?" She prodded and poked at my asshole as I winced at the thought of what I was going to have to endure now. It seemed like this girl loved every minute of this. She was a professional at humiliation. "Please no," I whispered. "Oh stop it, or we'll keep you all day," she said.

She got up and walked around the room and into the bathroom. I dared not look as I heard her gathering things up. She returned and I soon felt something cold and gooey on my asshole. I thought it felt like lotion that she was poking in and out of my ass with her finger. Then I smelled a minty smell as I felt a tingling on my hole. It was toothpaste and she was squirting it in my ass. She tossed the now empty tube on the bed. It did ease the entry of the next stiff things she started sticking in. I refused to look as she kept sticking things in. They were mostly thin, but very hard.

She made me point my ass toward the mirror and had me look to see her handy work. Oh, my god, she had stuck our toothbrushes, the end of my hair brush and two hotel pens up my ass and they were sticking out. How embarrassing. She made me stand up slowly and told me that if any of them fell out I would have to hold them in my mouth. I clenched my ass tight, as I wasn't doing that. This was still very embarrassing but I was still horny as hell. She had me walk around the room for her, hoping to have something fall out. Man, she was being mean. She laughed the whole time, so she was getting her kicks from it. She smacked my cock every time I walked by, but I wasn't going to let something fall.

Next, she made me bend over next to the window. I was on the upper floors, but across the way was a whole line of office windows. If anyone was there early, they'd get a free show. Bent over next to the window, she started to spank my bare ass. She was gentle though, just doing it for fun I guess. Abruptly, she stopped. I couldn't tell what she was doing so I glanced back to see she was giving hand signals. She made me stand up as I heard the phone ring. "Stand and face the window," she said. She went to get the phone and had started talking. I could soon tell she was talking to a woman in the office building that had seen us. I heard her invite the woman over and give her the room number.

After standing at the window for what seemed like a long time, I heard a knock at the door. In walked the desk girl as well as what sounded like another woman. I assumed it was the woman from across the street, but I was wrong. Another knock at the door and another female voice could be heard, and another, and another. From the conversation I could tell there were more coming. All girls from the next shift brought up by the desk girl. The knocking door came one more time and I heard another female voice, but this time it was the girl from across the street. Five girls were all in my room, me naked, them laughing and talking about my situation. Most came over and smacked my ass and cock a few times as well as pulling and pushing on the objects in my ass.

The desk girl came over and pulled me to the bed. She bent me over once again and pulled the objects out of my ass. I was relieved. She explained that they all had to get back to work and wanted to get their show. To make it interesting they decided to make me a deal. I was to jack off for all of them lying on the bed. Since I had just done it, it might have taken a while. But, if I could cum all over myself in less that two minutes then they would all strip naked for me for five minutes and I could keep each of their panties for my trouble. If not, then I would be pushed out in the hallway and I would have to finish out there. They would watch me through the peep hole until I came on the carpet, no matter who walked by. GO!

I had no choice but to pull at my cock furiously. I was totally embarrassed to have five girls watch me yank on my cock, but I would be more embarrassed to do it in the hall. I stroked and stroked to the amusement of the crowd. Just as I heard one of them say, "ten seconds left," I felt my cock swell and I shot my cum all over my belly. Most of them clapped and then smiled at each other. They all agreed I had done my duty and started taking off their clothes.

What a joy. Five girls were taking off their clothes in front of me. As each got down to their panties, they tossed them to me on the bed. We all sort of stared quietly at each other for the five minutes they had promised. I enjoyed every second of it. It was almost worth it. At the end of the five minutes, they all got their clothes back on and left thanking me for the show. The desk girl was last out the door. She said, "Playing strip poker again soon?"

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